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Kitchen Accessories for a Modern Kitchen

Indian tastes and cooking has changed dramatically in the last decade but our kitchen utensils are ill-equipped to handle pastas, canned foods and sometimes even pizzas. The local markets are awakening to this change in kitchen equipment.

At we have tried to fill this gap by bringing to you the latest kitchen tools and kitchen accessories to meet the needs of your evolved palette.

International Standard Kitchen Accessories

From shakers and dispensers to spoon rests and storage, we offer all kinds of products from the well-known brands in the kitchen utensils market. Our storage range comes in all shapes, sizes and designs to meet the needs of any Modern kitchen. We have made sure that you can use these not only to store but also to freeze and reheat the food. The dispenser range carries not only salt and pepper shakers but also oil, vinegar and soap dispensers. Besides cutlery and kitchen utensils, we have also added an exciting range of kitchen linen, servers, trays, ice trays, baskets and bowls.

Tools for International Cooking

Whether it is a steak knife or a measuring cup, a garlic peeler or a corer, you will be spoilt for choice on our website. Our range has knives, for all purposes and all materials from stainless steel to silicon, can openers, all-purpose scissors, pastry cutter, egg slicer, salad spinners and much more. There is a whole range of bakeware in silicon as well as metal for you to enthrall your family with all sorts of cakes and pastries.

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Besides the entire range, we do have a whole section to cater to the needs of our traditional Indian cooking as well as kitchen accessories for storage and serving needs. But seeing is believing and we look forward to having you on our website with an assurance that here you will get the best quality at the best prices. So, enjoy your online shopping experience at